"Beau Johnson, an incredibly intelligent poet and charmer who writes like he's having a conversation and plays like he's making love." ~ Amy Hills
  photo: lippe

    In 1997, Beau Johnson made a successful emergency landing of a Piper Cherokee 180 in a cranberry bog in Maine. The passengers were unhurt, but the airplane was destroyed and Beau suffered a broken back and a compromised head. In the early stages of his convalescence, when he was regaining consciousness, he experienced a series of reveries which, as his recovery progressed, he wrote down, first as fragments, then as stories, then, when he was able to hold a guitar again, as songs. These revery songs are the core set of all his story-songs. A Story (The Story of the World), Postcards For Your Friends, Time, and Take Your Time appear on his first record, Take Your Time (see cover below). The Clown, Cleopatra, Darkness, Share It All, Gypsy, Cough Syrup and Casey Brady will appear on his second record, titled An Owl In The City.
    As a result of injuries sustained in the plane crash, Beau suffers from short-, medium-, and long-term memory loss, and can only remember the past by singing about it.

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