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My name is Beau Johnson I am a Husband and Father, together my wife and I are raising 4 beautiful children. I have been on a mission to help and serve people grow their wealth with simple investing principles.

I value relationships, it is something that I hold close to my heart as it is the best way to make a positive impact in your life. If you have questions then I would love to help you with answers. My passion is to work with and help you in all your needs and to build a relationship of trust, integrity and stewardship.


Core Values


Reflect the highest moral standard, in doing so I pledge to be straightforward, fair, and compassionately direct using trust as a base for all interactions.


Respect customer and co-workers privacy, take pride in every transaction, be fair, honest, and knowledgeable whole building trust in each and every situation.


Use all resources efficiently in order to further the vision for all my customers and clients as well as my mission to serve others to my best ability.

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